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Prints and posters are a staple of any nursery. They add character and style, and the very best encourage little imaginations to run wild too. This is exactly what Mini Moon Nursery have achieved with their premier collection, and we're thrilled to be bringing them to you.

Who Are Mini Moon Nursery?

Mini Moon Nursery was launched earlier this year by Gen; a mum of two and freelance childrenswear designer, with years of experience as a childrens illustrator and print designer. Gen felt there was a gap in the market for prints that both looked great and offered something exciting for little ones so began creating her own, and Mini Moon Nursery was born! 

Why We Love Them

When did you last see an alphabet print featuring ketchup, a pineapple, a queen bee, and tea and toast? This is the brilliance of Gen's design; super cool contemporary images with a whole lot of fun thrown in making for prints that little ones will love looking at and talking about, and grown-ups will be happy to have adorning the walls.

If that wasn't enough, Mini Moon Nursery prints all feature a beautiful simplistic core colour palette enhanced with contrasting monochrome, making them the perfect addition to pretty much any modern nursery style and colour scheme. 

So if you're looking for a unique and beautiful finishing touch for your nursery walls that will also spark young imaginations click here to browse our fabulous Mini Moon Nursery range. 

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